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  • Microsoft Entra ID Importer for JSM Assets

    Microsoft Entra ID Importer for JSM Assets ( previously called Azure AD) is a quick and effective solution for introducing new JSM use cases for your organization. It is built on top of Atlassian’s Forge platform which provides the foundation for enterprise-grade security, scalability, availability, and performance and enables a well-architected solution.

    With the help of Microsoft Entra ID Importer for JSM Assets (Version 4.13+), you can create Users, Groups, Licenses, Departments, Divisions, Cost Centers, Locations, and Accounts by synchronizing data from your Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) in less than 5 minutes.



    Prerequisite: An active JSM Cloud Premium or Enterprise Plan subscription is required.


    Important Features:

    Connect Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) and JSM Assets

    Bring crucial information into JSM Assets and enable new use cases:

    • Users & Managers

    • Groups

    • Licenses

    • Departments

    • Divisions

    • Cost Centers

    • Locations

    • Accounts

    Automated Sync (Hourly and Daily Schedule)

    Keep your data up to date. Configure once and let the data flow continuously.

    Filtering for Users and Groups

    Use Microsoft Graph filters and transfer only the necessary records.

    Selectable data types

    Select the data types you need

    Selectable User Properties

    Entra ID stores 30+ properties for Users, including Custom Properties. Select the attributes you need the most and optimize the amount of data you import into Assets.


    A high number of Users and Groups (i.e., 10000+) are supported

    Test Import

    Test your connection, permissions, and data model with a test import and validate the configuration easily

    Notify Me

    Get notified if something goes wrong in an automated way.

    Check Import Status

    Check current import execution and cancel if you like


    View Logs and Audit Logs for troubleshooting purposes

    Hosted on Atlassian’s Forge

    Keeps your data always in Atlassian’s platform, ensuring security



    Known Limitation

    A user can have max 20 groups mapped. If users are members of more groups and you need to overcome this limitation then you can leverage existing Jira Groups for a better experience (Show me how).


    New Demo:

    coming soon


    Old Demo (Before version 4.0):